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Taking Care of Wool Carpets

If you have a wool carpet, go into your kitchen cupboard where you keep your off the shelf carpet cleaning spotters and throw them away (at the very least check the details).  

Many of these spotters not only leave behind residues that become a magnet for dirt, they can contain bleaching agents and are also often high pH and far too aggressive for your wool carpet. You should only use products on a wool carpet that have a PH of between 4.5 and 8.5. Some higher PH Alkaline cleaners can cause the dyes to bleed. Using too high a PH cleaner on your wool carpet can also turn the fibers brown or yellow. Always use products approved by the WoolSafe Organisation and designed for Wool Carpets. High PH cleaners can cause permanent and irreversible damage to the cuticle ( the hard scaly surface of the fibre) Breaking down this cuticle can leave your wool carpets looking fuzzy. When using any products on your carpets even wool safe products, Always use a blotting action. Scrubbing can cause damage and fuzzing.Try to avoid using and bleach products on your wool carpet. Bleach can dissolve wool. 

As with all carpet, vacuum as often as you can, at least once a week to remove dry soiling. This forms a very important part of a Carpet cleaning process. A professional carpet cleaner will never miss this step. 

There are many considerations when cleaning a Wool carpet. Consider using a Woolsafe approved service provider like Carpet Genie, Like us, these companies have sought additional training specifically to care for your Wool carpets and help prolong the life of your investment keeping your home healthy and looking great for years to come. 

Looking to get your wool carpets looking great again?

For Professional Carpet cleaning by a Woolsafe Approved Service provider, give us a call on 01189 102137

The Fibre Care Specialists training provided by the woolsafe Organisation that we have undertaken gives us the knowledge to clean your wool carpet correctly as well as the new advanced generation synthetic carpets. We use certified carpet cleaning products which not only achieve fantastic results for your carpets but also significantly enhance the appearance, health of your carpet and home and prolong the life of your carpet investment. 

More about Wool and why it’s great for carpets.

Wool Carpets are a fantastic investment. Cared for correctly they can last decades and continue to look and feel great. 

The wool’s texture and its ability to recover well from crushing, clean well and resist soiling make it a great choice. Its construction provides durability and combined with its protein constituent and moisture content has a natural flame-resistance, meaning it can keep a great appearance for years.

Wool carpets are soil-resistant. The cuticle (outer layer), of the wool fibre, has a waxey surface with scales that overlap to keep soil in the upper area meaning that it can be easily removed. 

This protective membrane on the cuticle also stops water from readily penetrating the wool carpets fibre. 

Wool is a complex fibre, The cells within Wool come in two different types: the orthcortex and paracortex , these lie on opposite sides and grow at differing rates. This causes a three-dimensional corkscrew structure much like a coiled spring, giving wool carpets high elasticity and an ability to recover normal dimensions. Wool fibre’s can be stretched and still bounce back.

Wool absorbs a lot of moisture, wool can absorb up to 1/3  of its weight in moisture without feeling damp and is never truly ‘dry’. The wool carpets absorption properties help to enable it to recover from furniture marks.

Cleaning wool properly and correctly is important to maintain the wool carpets appearance. Regular maintenance should consider the likely soiling levels. Considerations should include who uses the carpet including pets, types of soiling, such as street grime near entrances and through walkways and possible food and drink spills, 

Many carpet manufacturers recommend regular often annual cleaning to prolong the life of your carpets. Some carpet warranty’s insists upon this.  

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