Spot Cleaning Advice

Remember to Act Quickly

Most carpet available today gets treated with some sort of stain resistant treatment; meaning many spills can be removed easily if Quick actions are taken.

The longer spills are left, the higher the chances are of that Red Wine or Coffee spill becoming a permanent stain.       

No carpet is completely stain proof. Swift action can help to keep your carpet looking great. This is why we often leave one of our amazing spotter bottles for clients to have within easy reach when needed for that unexpected coffee or red wine spill. 

In the first instance use kitchen towel to absorb as much of the spill as possible. The more you can get out at this stage the less you have to try and treat. It also means that the carpet cleaning spot solutions you apply will become less diluted when trying to deal with the spill. 

Complete removal of some spills may require a repeated use of a single solution or technique. Many people feel something isn’t working or become impatient and move onto the next remedy. This often leaves a mess for us to clean up. As soon as you start to use a combination of solutions you enter into the realm of unknown chemistry potentially causing a permanent stain. 

Always use the products at the dilutions as recommended. Mixing things stronger than recommended can cause issues. Ensure that you test the products for any adverse effect such as color or texture change in inconspicious areas such as the corner of the carpet or under a sofa before use. It’s amazing how many off the shelf products contain bleaching agents that can change the color of a carpet leaving a permanent halo around a spot or spill. TEST ALL PRODUCTS FIRST. 

Continue using each solution as long as there is a noticeable improvement or transfer of the spill to a white cloth or kitchen towel.

NEVER SCRUB a carpet. Gently blot the carpet, if you scrub the carpet you are likely to cause permanent damage to the carpet pile. The fibers may fuzz and the damage will be obvious even if you remove the spill. So often we can remove a spill but the damage caused by the home owners DIY removal attempts have caused damage that cannot be removed. 

Work from the outside of the spill to the center so that you don’t spread the spill and make it bigger. 

When you are happy that you have removed the spill. Place a number of folded sheets of kitchen towel on top of the spill and a heavy object such as books on top. As the carpet dries any spill located further down the carpet pile should wick up to the kitchen towel not be left on the carpet surface.

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