Our Carpet Cleaning Process

To give your carpets the thorough deep clean they deserve we use ourĀ 11 step process. .

Our Carpet Cleaning Process
The Professional carpet cleaning undertaken by Carpet Genie follows these important steps. We believe in the importance of every single one of them. We clean carpets using the Hot water extraction method. We choose this method due to the excellent deep down clean and great results. These fantastic results are obtained using our comprehensive steps as outlined below; Give us a call to book your free quote on 0118 9102137

1.  A thorough survey of the carpet to be cleaned including identification of the face fibre to identify if it’s a Wool carpet or synthetic, the carpet backings and fixings to identify potential considerations for the cleaning process.

2. We carefully move furniture to enable the cleaning process to begin. Dust and dirt can get under sofas and behind furniture too and biologically these are often the dirtiest parts of a carpet. Skirting boards are dusted and wiped down whilst furniture is out of position. (We return your furniture to its position placing it on protective pads or blocks as necessary)

3. We perform a thorough slow vacuum of the carpet going right into the corners and up to the skirting boards with crevice tools. This not only removes the dry soil it helps to lift the carpet pile too for better pre spray application. -This vacuum of dry dirt is essential in providing a thorough clean, many competitors miss it out to save time. but we find it essential to provide the deep down clean and fantastic results we strive for.

4. . We spot treat any marks that may require special attention. We have an arsenal of different spot treatments available and a wealth of experience and specialist training courses. We are a WOW warranty member trusted by carpet manufacturers to visit clients and assist with the removal of spots and spills.

5.We apply one or more special cleaning agent pre-spray solutions to the carpet. This begins to break down the soiling.

6. Using mechanical agitation, our machine works the pre-spray solution deep down into the carpet pile to begin breaking down and then suspend dirt ready for extraction

7. Our high-performance extraction machine is used to remove the dirt, dust, and allergy causing particles from your carpet and home to our machine outside

 8. Post treatment of any remaining marks, Sometimes difficult spills or marks might take some more attention.

 9. At this stage, once the carpet is clean, we  can apply a stain protection treatment if requested

10. Once the carpet is clean, we groom the carpet pile to reset and align the pile and improve drying times.

11. We position air movers to speed up the drying process. These may not be used in circumstances of open fires or where their use could be problematic.

– The room now looks and smells great

Delighted with the work carried out. James was fantastic; Very courteous and professional. Thank you 

Phillipa (Ascot)

James arrived precisely at the arranged time and did an excellent job cleaning my carpets by firstly professional vacuum cleaning, pile preparation, deep cleaning and finally drying. He took great care of my home, such as using door frame protectors and always kept his outdoor shoes covered with “shower caps”.  His work is  competitively priced and I have absolutely no hesitation at all in recommending him.  Thank you, James.

Maggie (Finchampstead)

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